Hotel Reservation System Interface to BACnet

If you're a developer of facility automation systems or controls for hotels and facilities that use BACnet communications software, chances are you've had a hard time finding ways to interface BACnet equipment with the hotel's reservation or property management system (PMS). If you've looked at the BACnet standard, you know that even simple communications functions can present some daunting problems, and you probably don't have the time to become that much of a BACnet expert. The PMS itself is probably proprietary and completely unfamiliar. You need a quick way to interface between popular proprietary PMS and BACnet-based automation systems.
You need BACroom™.


BACroom is the industry's first easy-to-use BACnet interface for hotel reservation and property management systems. BACroom runs under Windows 7/8/10 and Server 2012, and provides a robust and proactively supervised interface tailored to the needs of BACnet designers.


BACroom uses our famous sixth-generation BACDOC Client technology to deliver fast and reliable performance. BACroom works with BACnet/IP over Ethernet, or Ethernet 8802-3.


BACroom operates as a middle man between a PMS and BACnet devices that control HVAC for rooms. Up to 2000 rooms (in some cases even more) can be configured at one time. Periodically, the PMS sends a message to BACroom that indicates whether a given room is vacant or occupied. BACroom periodically transmits this occupancy status, using BACnet, to BACnet-based HVAC controllers.


Each room is configured to have a correspondence with one BACnet object property in one BACnet device. Each room may use a different BACnet device, object and property, and all are individually configurable.


The value that is poked to (written to) the BACnet device is configured by specifying a BACnet device instance, object identifier and property identifier. Array properties are not supported. The property to be written must accept an unsigned enumeration, or real, type of value and all of the rooms must use the same data type for values to be written. The value that is written typically represents 0=vacant, 1=occupied, but other values can also be used.


BACroom depends on receiving a message from the PMS at a periodic interval to indicate that PMS is alive. This supervision can be disabled for PMS that do not provide supervision signaling.


A typical system connects the PMS PC (in this example Micros-OPERA) on the same Ethernet LAN with the facility automation system using BACnet. BACroom communicates with OPERA to get occupancy information and relays this status to BACnet device(s) using BACnet.


BACroom is designed to be customized for different kinds of PMS interfaces. A number of widely used interfaces for Ethernet, TCP/IP, and various serial port protocols are available without requiring customization. Please contact us for a custom quotation.



Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Server 2012 (x32 and x64)

Network Interface:
any NDIS-compliant Ethernet NIC

BACnet/IP, Ethernet 8802-3

Single User Binary Executable with Signaturization
A Non-Recurring Engineering charge may be required for customization of some PMS!